ALDS, Game Three: Tampa Bay 6, Texas 3.

After I got home last night and made sure that Jason Bartlett didn’t have something like 16 hits in 13 career at-bats off of Darren O’Day, I kept coming back to this:

I just don’t understand why you bring Neftali Feliz in the game there, with the score tied in the eighth, using O’Day up for six pitches, leaving Dustin Nippert as the only available reliever left (and if Cliff Lee and even C.J. Wilson really were bullpen considerations last night, that raises other questions).

That’s it.  That’s not the sole reason Texas lost, but that’s all I got this morning.  My tank is emptied.   

Today’s sort of a big game.

P.S.  Bartlett was 3 for 5 lifetime against off O’Day.  The smallness of the sample isn’t the only issue there.  There’s also the fact that the three hits were a bunt single (when O’Day was an Angels rookie in 2008), a ground ball single past third baseman Robb Quinlan (also in 2008 with the Angels), and an infield single hit in August to Joaquin Arias, playing shortstop for the first time in the big leagues since 2006.

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