David Price is a career 0-2, 7.45 pitcher in four starts against Texas.

Then again, the Rangers didn’t win in three trips to Tropicana Field this year (and have lost 10 of 12 there), and overall were just a 19-25 team in 2010 day games.  

But is that all about circadian rhythms, or natural daylight, the latter of which will be kept out by the dome?

Cliff Lee’s stretch of four bad starts in a row in August started in Tampa Bay on the 16th of that month – the Joaquin Arias game that prompted the manager to say, after the game, that his message for his club was to “get your head outta your butt and let’s play baseball.”

Tampa Bay’s starting pitchers other than Price since August 31 are 4-11, 5.85 in 23 starts.  That includes 0-4, 7.59 from Game Two starter James Shields, over six games.

The Rays run wild, and the Rangers have difficulty suppressing the running game.  

The Rays have been held to two hits or fewer seven times in 2010.

Will Neftali Feliz and Alexi Ogando stand up to the pressure?

Will Joaquin Benoit and Jake McGee?

Evan Longoria and David Murphy (who probably wouldn’t start against Price anyway) may be good to go physically, but what about their rhythm?

Does any of the above matter?  

When I go to the movie theater, I like the previews.  They could show twice as many as they do and I’d be cool with that.  But I’m tired of waiting for this series to start, tired of the previews.  

I need Elvis Andrus to step in against David Price so I can stop thinking about all the reasons this series could go wrong, or go perfectly.

They don’t play these games on paper, and in the case of some teams and some players they don’t play them that often.  

Somebody’s going to have a Darren Oliver start.  Somebody’s going to make a Dean Palmer throw, or a Kevin Elster play unmade.  Somebody might even put together a Juan Gonzalez series.   

Someone could join the Billy Hatcher/Scott Brosius/Bucky Dent/Bill Mazeroski list by doing something in this best-of-five that will end up redefining his career.

I’m prepared to be fired up and devastated and anxious a lot, at times all of it in the same inning.  Then again, I’m not.  I don’t think I’m really prepared for this at all.  Ready, maybe, but not prepared.  

I’m not exactly sure what the next few days of Newberg Reports will look like, but my guess is that they’ll look different.  If you’re not following me on Twitter (, this might be a good time to start.  

Back at you next from Sunny St. Pete.


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