Tweeting Texas 4, New York 3.

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Top of 1st inning: Reminder
to CJ:  See how many pitches the Yanks
took that inning? Channel your Cliffly and pound, pound, pound.


Bottom of 1st inning: I’m
pretty much ok with that Andrus AB.
 Deep count, oppo


T3: Terrible play by Cantu.  (Saved by CJ.)


T3: Poundage. More, please.


B3: Bunting here makes less than zero
sense, Cristian Guzman.


B3: If Guzman didn’t start another
game as a Ranger, I’d be fine with that.  Rather have Freddy.  Or Luis.


B3: Ha…used to get only the
opposite.  RT @txtechgooner @NewbergReport u might be the most
negative ranger fan there is.  & mike
rhyner exists.


T4: Brutal defensive inning.  CJ now shoots for his second save of the night.


T4: This is Very Good CJ tonight, so
far.  Despite inconsistent zone from the
AAA ump.  Tremendous.  #doingwork


T4: RT @jennifersterger @NewbergReport  I concur.  Mr. Wilson is as Yankees announcers love to
say “effectively wild.”  That’s
code for a bad @$$


T4: Nick Swisher as Keanu Reeves.  RT @jennifersterger @NewbergReport –so wait.. they have
baseball in the matrix??


B4: Good grief I love this X-mo super
slow motion stuff.  Love it.


T5: Pretty elementary when CJ is
commanding the curve like that, and locating his FB.


T5: Commanding the toss to 1B
apparently another matter.  F.


T5: That’s a freakin’ All-Star play
by Molina.  Very good throw.  Extraordinary catch.


B5: RT @rangersfanwhit  Are y’all joking?  @NewbergReport
is extremely positive but if ppl don’t produce they lose jobs.  Baseball’s no exception.


T6: This one has the feel of a
Rangers-Yankees playoff game.  #notallgood


B6: If only we had a 5th infielder
nearly as good as our 4th outfielder.


T7: Ogando to Swisher & Thames:
AO…K  #swish  #mt  #crushingthezone


B7: RT @dwcook  I love important baseball.  So much.


B8: Ok.  Go to Feliz in the 9th even if tied — off day
yesterday and “off day” tomorrow.


T9: Jamey gets his wish, as Feliz is
in. (via @aandro)


B9: The next Texas pitcher I want to
see on the mound is Cliff Lee.  End it.


T10: Credit Molina
for staying with the slider with AO and Neffy as often as he has.


T10: All those
high-octane innings and big K numbers…yet that last inning may have been one
of Feliz’s best ever.  #5pitchesagainstheartoforder


B10: What did Murph
*not* do tonight?  What a game.  What a Game.


Two more things, non-Twitter variety:


Seattle 2, Oakland 0. 
(Just ended.)

Cliff Lee vs. Javier Vazquez on Wednesday, for the sweep.




One more thing:


we care so much





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(c) Jamey Newberg



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nice peice newberg-interesting!

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