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Going into last night’s games, the worst team in the
American League was Baltimore.  Next
worst was Seattle.  Kansas City was tied with
one other club (Cleveland) for the next-worst spot after that.


Last night those three teams beat the Rangers and the two
teams chasing them.


Another Texas loss with several missed opportunities, though
for some reason it didn’t get under my skin like a loss normally does (maybe because
nothing was lost in the division, which when you’re ahead is a small


But hopefully the team isn’t dismissing it the way I am.


No, Mike Lowell cannot be the player to be named later in the
Jarrod Saltalamacchia deal.  Players to
be named can’t appear in the big leagues between the announcement of the trade
and the completion of the deal.


Lowell came up big last night, in what was his first 2010 big
league appearance since June.


Cubs righthander Thomas Diamond was pretty good, too, striking
out 10 Brewers in his six-inning big league debut, giving up three runs on
seven hits and three walks.


By the way, remember that rumored Boston-Texas-New York Lowell
rumor from the weekend?  According to Alex
Speier of out of Boston, the deal would have sent Lowell to New York,
Saltalamacchia to Boston, and prospects to Texas.  But the Yankees apparently backed out late
last week based on Lowell’s medicals – and Lowell’s no-trade clause included
New York (his original team), though the deal never got to the point at which the
veteran had to decide whether to waive it. 
Texas and Boston got together on Saturday without New York’s involvement.


According to Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus, righthander
Roman Mendez (who came over from Boston in the deal) touched 98 in his impressive
Spokane debut on Monday.


Today’s Cliff Lee stat: Texas has scored 10 runs in support
of Lee in his five starts (eight while he’s been in the game), spanning 48 innings. 


In his two best seasons (his 2008 Cy Young campaign and this
year), Texas has scored 10 runs
off Lee in four starts,
spanning 27.2 innings.


Righthander Evan Reed, sent along with righthander Omar Poveda
to Florida for Jorge Cantu last week, left his AA Jacksonville debut on
Saturday with tightness in his elbow.


Boston manager Terry Francona and Cleveland third base coach
Steve Smith, who got into it last night at the tail end of the clubs’
bench-clearing shove and shout, were on Buck Showalter’s Rangers coaching staff
together in 2002.


Philadelphia recalled outfielder John Mayberry Jr.
(.258/.321/.410 for AAA Lehigh Valley) to replace the injured Ryan Howard on
the Phillies’ roster.


Thanks to photographers McCall Money and John Setzler, as
well as webmaster Don Titus, for our Newberg Report website photo overhaul.  Lots of new players featured on both the
front page and the forum banner.


August 4 is notable in Texas Rangers history for being the day,
17 years ago, when Nolan Ryan put it to Robin Ventura.  Today August 4 will go down in Rangers
history as another landmark date, for another, very different reason.


Reminder: We chat again tonight.  Our latest live in-game chat session at
will start a few minutes before the first pitch and roll until after the final
pitch.  See you then.





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(c) Jamey Newberg



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