Just like Ivan Rodriguez’s final hit as a Ranger (the first
time around at least), an opposite-field double that he rocketed to right
center field, Michael Young’s franchise record-tying and record-breaking hits
were extremely fitting: a similar double to right center, pure opposite field
genius befitting of both the Rangers’ new all-time hit leader and the man who,
on that list, he has displaced, followed by a single shot up the middle that
plated two runs, instrumental in a
victory, the most
appropriate part of all of this. 


Young said after the 27th out that he’s happy the
record-breaking hit came in such a big spot in the game, so he wouldn’t have to
think about anything other than trying to push another couple runs
across.  (Which made me think of something
I’d written four years ago
.)  And of course, nobody doubts the sincerity
of his comment, or his final words to Nolan Ryan during the live TV interview
that just finished: “Proud to be a Ranger.”


Sorry to interrupt without having much to say.  I’m
proud that guy’s a Ranger.

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