Newberg Report Night set for July 25.

now ready to start taking reservations for the seventh annual Newberg Report
Night at Rangers Ballpark, which will be on Sunday, July 25, when Texas
wraps up a four-game series against the Angels.  As always, we’re doing this
right around the conventional trade deadline . . . and getting a 90-minute pre-game
Q&A session with GM Jon Daniels.


I’m happy to announce that, depending of course on where things stand with the
sale process, Chuck Greenberg has offered to join us for the Q&A portion as


other new feature this year.  As always,
a ticket to the event costs $30 per person, which includes all the pre-game events as
well as your game ticket
(parking is not included).  But the
Rangers have offered the Newberg Report community a sizable discount on luxury
suites for that night, and as a result, if you want to watch the game from a
suite, you can attend the entire day’s events for $100 per person.  The
suites hold 20 people each – if you have a group (of anywhere between two of
you and 20 of you), just let me know so I can be sure to put you together in
the same suite.


have about 300-350 people attend this event every year, and are at absolute
capacity as far as the Hall of Fame Theater is concerned – so please make your
reservations as soon as you know you’ll be attending.  Once we reach Theater
capacity, we’ll have to close registration (though we can continue to sell spots
for the game only: $15 for stadium seating and $100 for suite seating).  Last year we sold the event out in eight days.


what we tentatively have planned (the details historically get better as we get
closer to the event):



3:00     Doors open

We’ll gather in the Hall of Fame Theater at Rangers
Ballpark.  You’ll get your game tickets once you enter the Museum – no
need to go to Will Call or anywhere else.  


You’ll have the opportunity in the front lobby of the Hall
of Fame to make a donation to our designated charities, which this year will be
(1) the Hello Win Column Fund through the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation and
(2) a local women’s shelter.  You may donate any amount; for every $10 you
donate, you will get one ticket for a memorabilia raffle we’ll have during the


As usual, I would recommend getting there as early as you
can in order to get a good spot in the auditorium.  Some of you might have
to stand – the theater capacity includes not only the room’s 235 permanent seats
but also extra folding chairs and standing room.



4:00     Will Carroll & Kevin Goldstein Q&A

Baseball Prospectus writers Will Carroll (an annual Newberg
Report Night guest) and Kevin Goldstein (who joined us for the first time last
year) are tentatively set to join us again this year.  They’ll conduct a Q&A session officially beginning
at 4:00 p.m., as the theater starts to fill up – though typically they grab the
podium closer to 3:30.  



4:45     Raffle/Auction, charitable presentation

More details on
this later.  As we’ve always done, we’ll raise money
for a charitable effort at the event, including through your purchase of raffle
tickets that day.  For every $10 you
donate, you will get one ticket for the raffle.
  Whoever makes the
largest donation at the event will get his or her choice of any of the
prizes.  The remaining prizes will be raffled off.


likely also have a few special items to put up for a quick live auction.


After the auction we’ll make a quick charitable


    Jon Daniels & Chuck Greenberg Q&A

While it’s not possible this far out to guarantee his availability, Rangers GM Jon Daniels is expected to join us, as he has the six
previous Newberg Report Nights, for a lengthy Q&A session.  The fact
that the event is less than a week before the conventional trade deadline makes
the possibilities even cooler (though don’t expect him to take other GM’s calls
on speakerphone).  This is a really unique opportunity, one of my favorite
days on the baseball calendar every year.


Also, as mentioned above, prospective owner Chuck Greenberg will
join us as well,
subject to any limitations from the sale process.  If you were at the Sherlock’s event in
February, you know Chuck’s going to be as fired up about getting together that day
and night as any of us.


JD and Chuck will arrive at 5:00 and take your questions in
the auditorium for about 90 minutes.



6:30     Adjourn to the stadium

At about 6:30, we’ll conclude in the auditorium and head
to our seats for the 7:05 first pitch.  (Again, you’ll pick your game
tickets up in the Museum when you arrive.)  The seats will be in the lower
bowl on the first base side, as always.   And this year, if you choose,
you can sit in a luxury suite with fellow Newberg Report folks at a very
affordable cost, thanks to the Rangers.



Please sign up and pay as
soon as you know you’ll be coming.
  Spots are first
come, first served, and again, last year we sold out in just eight days.


The cost, once again, is $30 (stadium ticket) or $100 (suite
ticket), and you can pay in one of two ways:


You can order by credit card through PayPal by going to,
selecting the “Send money” option, and typing in where you are
prompted for the e-mail account.


Or you can send a check or money order, payable to “Jamey Newberg,” to:



Lopez Serafino Jenevein, P.C.

Elm Street, Suite 4100

Dallas, TX 75201


Let me know what questions you have.  I look forward to
seeing lots of you there on the 25th.





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