Harden to DL. Ogando to Texas.

I promise objectivity with this report.


In 2003, one was on the fast track for Oakland,
starting the season pitching in AA and moving quickly up to AAA before getting
to the big leagues in the middle of the season. 
The other was A’s property as well, a tools monster who flashed
brilliance on the field but in whom Oakland didn’t really know what they
had.  He was an outfielder known as Argenis


Today, they’re together again but now in Texas,
and the roles have reversed.  The latter is
no longer an outfielder but instead a pitcher, no longer Argenis Benitez but
instead Alexi Ogando, and he’s the AA-to-AAA-to-Arlington fast-tracker, while
Rich Harden, a rookie phenom in 2003, is someone that, despite all his obvious tools
and occasional glimpses that they’re still in there somewhere, is a complete
mystery, at best.  


Alexi Ogando has been recalled and will join
the Rangers bullpen, after an odyssey to the big leagues like few others, and
Rich Harden has been removed from the rotation (with no announced replacement
yet) and parked on the disabled list, victim of a left gluteal muscle strain. 


My pledge of objectivity prohibits me from the
obvious follow-up line.




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