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I’m tired of feeling
overmatched and outsavvied by good, not great, teams.  I’d forgotten how much I really don’t care
for how that feels.


I’m tired of seeing number eight and nine hitters working
walks against our guys, while our 3-4-5 hitters roll over or pop out, a lot.


I’m tired of watching other teams find ways to put together sustained
rallies while we kill the chance of any by running into outs.


I’m tired of envying nearly every other offense I’ve seen
this season.


I’d be interested if someone who has more time than I have could
figure out where Texas ranks in the number of innings with, say, at least seven
batters sent to the plate.


It would be OK with me not to see our guys signaling
whatever that overhand claw thing is back to the dugout after a bases-empty
single when we’re down three runs in the ninth. 


I find myself wondering how things might have been different
if physical and mental health issues hadn’t killed deals to make Mike Lowell and
Khalil Greene members of the Rangers’ bench.


Texas is now 8-15 on the road, and was hitting .237/.297/.336
away from Arlington going into tonight’s game. 
The road offense is a big bag of Nyjer Morgan (if his slump continues another
day or two, that is).


I’m thinking about all those things because I don’t want to
think about why Derek Holland couldn’t feel the ball in his hand tonight.


Another lousy day off on Monday, after which Mark Buehrle
and the White Sox host Rich Harden and the Rangers. 


Harden against his 2010 opposition the first time through
the lineup: a slash line of .197/.352/.338.


The second time through: .224/.344/.368.


The third time through: .415/.490/.634.


(Not surprisingly, no hitter has faced him a fourth time this


That convictionless report I sent out yesterday is taking firmer





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