You like boom, and I like boom.


Graphic violence, bat and arm

Boomsticks 1 and 2


I was there for all 20 runs and all 35 hits, but my friends
were right: The moment I won’t forget from Texas 13, Baltimore 7 was the throw
Nelson Cruz made to the plate in the fifth, on Adam Jones’s flyout to right
with nobody out, men on the corners, and what felt like a teetering 8-4 Texas
lead.  Scott Feldman escaped the inning without
further damage and retired five of the next six, starting all but one of them
with strike one, throwing 17 strikes out of 23 in that span, and ending his
night on a positive note. 


Luke Scott didn’t run on Cruz.  There was no assist.  It goes into the books as an F-9, and nothing
more.  But it was majestic.


Cruz might have been a triple short of the cycle (or as Jim
Knox put it, “one hit” short of the cycle), but defensively he was nothing
short of awesome.

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