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I’m gonna beg off
writing this morning, not to give a little phony weight to my common suggestion
that I write three or four times per week, but instead because a complete Newberg
Report might be full of big league game thoughts, emotional overreactions, trade
ideas, minor league notes and prospect comp’s, massive amounts of Tanner
Scheppers talk, a couple Juan Moreno references, and so on – and all of that
was packed into a lively in-game chat session at last


If you had time to
read a report this morning, you’ll have time to read the transcript from last
night’s chat
.  I’m not sure how long
the transcript will be up, but surely at least the morning.


Thanks to the more
than 600 of you who stopped by.  For obvious
reasons, I could only get to a tenth of your questions at best, but it was a
blast to do and we’re already looking at dates for the next one.  Thanks also to Ben Rebstock and Brian Smith
for their help setting the chat up and moderating it, and to John Rhadigan and
Emily Jones and Dana Larson and Josh & Tom for touting it all night. 


One note buried in the chat: I’m looking tentatively at Sunday,
July 25 for Newberg Report Night at the Ballpark this year.  I still have to check that date with the
organization and with our keynote guests. 
Stay tuned.


A couple quick things to share:


‘s initial mock first round has Texas drafting Middle Tennessee
State righthander Bryce Brentz at number 15 overall (the Matt Purke comp pick)
and Ball State righthander Kolbrin Vitek at number 22 in two and a half weeks.  Other notable first-round projections: University
of Mississippi lefthander Drew Pomeranz at number two, Woodlands High
righthander Jameson Taillon at number three, UTA outfielder Michael Choice at
number 11, University of Texas righthander Brandon Workman at number 14, and LSU
righthander Anthony Ranaudo at number 20.


A free Bound Edition to the first two readers who correctly
identify why Bartolo Colon is going to be referenced in one of the next few Newberg


With all the talk about how bad Josh Hamilton has been in
day games – and he has – shouldn’t we acknowledge that his no-doubter blast to
center field last night and the should-have-been shot to left field two innings
later both came in daylight?  Those two
shots will get filed under the “Night” split since it was a night game, but unless
the analysis has something to do with Hamilton’s circadian rhythms, if we’re
strictly talking about how he sees the ball in natural light as opposed to
under the lights, then maybe his second- and fourth-inning crushes on Wednesday
are good signs.


Finally, I submitted this week’s, ranking the top 10
secondary pitches in the Rangers’ farm system, late last night.  When it goes live sometime today, I’ll send
out a link.





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(c) Jamey Newberg



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