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I was thinking about
how that game was started and finished, impressively, by the two pitchers
featured on the front cover of the 2009 Bound Edition (below) and helped along by
the routine awesomeness of their shortstop, featured on the back cover of that same
book and on the front cover of the 2010 version, the shortstop who provided two
hits and a walk tonight and made a wholly non-routine play seem almost routine
to start the eighth.


(I’m working on getting
the audio for Eric Nadel’s call of Elvis’s play, by the way.  A Cooperstown play, and a Cooperstown call.  I’ll email it out once I get it.)












I was thinking about how the three players on the back cover
of the 2010 book, Justin Smoak and Tanner Scheppers and Martin Perez, may very
well key a win over the Angels this time next year, prompting me to send an
email out like this one.


It’s obvious and trite to point out that the all those gaudy
farm system rankings of the past few years are now regularly producing big
league results, but the fruition of the standout work that this franchise has
been doing in scouting and player development is no longer just a promise of
things to come.


To celebrate Texas 4, Los Angeles 3, for this week only I’m discounting
the purchase of the 2009 plus 2010 Bound Editions, which would normally cost
$45 (Derek Holland’s uniform number), to a mere $30 (Neftali Feliz’s


As always, you can pay by credit card at ( account) or by
sending a check or money order to:


Jamey Newberg

Vincent Lopez Serafino Jenevein, P.C.

1601 Elm Street, Suite 4100

Dallas, TX 75201


Nadel-Andrus audio to you shortly.





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