Looking ahead.

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Where would this
thing be without Vlad Guerrero, or C.J. Wilson?


Where would things
be with Ian Kinsler and Nelson Cruz playing
so much as one game together through the first five weeks?


There are other
questions along the same lines, maybe not as central to 18-14 but just as rhetorical,
but there are questions like those that every team can ask a fifth into the
season, and there’s little point in looking back. 


There’s not much
point in looking back at Oakland (one game behind Texas), the Angels (4.5), or
Seattle (5.5), either, other than to understand that there’s something in reach
here, and looking forward to these next three with Oakland, with Big Bad Vlad hitting
at home and C.J. pitching on Thursday, the same day that Kins and Cruz should
be in the lineup together for the first time in 2010, is almost enough to forget
about how lousy things started this season, again. 


Off-days aren’t as depressing as six-game skids in
mid-April, but like most this one isn’t welcome at all, and yet despite the
extra day the A’s head to town for three that won’t allow them to get Dallas
Braden back on the mound, possibly a good break in a season that feels like it
hasn’t had many.


But the bad breaks and the good ones are history, less
important than the 130 games – if not more – that lie ahead, yet meaningful in
the sense that they’ve set things up so that the rest matter, a lot.


These next three are pretty big, and heading into mid-May
that’s all you can ask for.





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