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Saturday was a rotten
sports day.  The day began with word that
Max’s soccer game and what we thought would finally be the first game of his
baseball career (not counting T-ball) were rained out.  Then Texas coughed up a really bad loss against


I woke up this morning thinking maybe Sunday could redeem
things.  I had a chance to actually
contribute in my softball doubleheader after I was such a waste the last time
out.  We were going to get Max’s game in
today.  And Colby Lewis had an
opportunity to put Texas a game up in this four-game set with the Tigers.  I doubted all of those things would come
together, but a little positive after Saturday’s uselessness would be good


And it all turned out better than I’d hoped for.  That was a great baseball day.


None of that matters to you, but maybe this will:


Frisco righthander Tanner Scheppers in 2010: eight innings,
three hits (3 for 29), one run (1.13 ERA), zero walks, 13 strikeouts.


Frisco righthander Alexi Ogando in 2010: 9.2 innings, two
hits (2 for 31), one run (0.93 ERA), two walks, 14 strikeouts.


Scheppers’s opponents’ slash: .103/.103/.207.  Eighty strikes out of 118 pitches.


Ogando’s opponents’ slash: .065/.121/.097.  One hundred two strikes out of 142 pitches
(in fact, identical 51/71 splits against right-handed hitters and left-handed
hitters, the latter of whom are getting neutralized by a filthy change). 


Sorry, Scott, for stealing your thunder.  I’m leaving Michael Kirkman and The Chad
Tracy Show to you. 


Guess who in baseball has more strikeouts than Colby Lewis.


Here’s the list:


Tim Lincecum.


He has four more punchouts than Lewis – in 3.1 more innings.  The two righthanders basically have the same
strikeout rate (10.7 per nine innings).


Lincecum was the 10th player chosen in the 2006


The 457th player taken in that draft (by the
Phillies) was Florida high school outfielder Riley Cooper. 


Cooper would later be the 754th player chosen in
2009, by the Rangers, out of the University of Florida.  Texas offered to pay him $250,000 (well above
slot) if he’d play minor league baseball. 
He agreed to at first, then reconsidered.


The 22-year-old was chosen by Philadelphia again this
weekend, this time by the Eagles, with the 159th selection in the
NFL draft. 


If that fifth-round slot calls for something in the
neighborhood of what it paid last year, Cooper is looking at about $180,000-$190,000
to sign with the Eagles, where I’m guessing he’d have to unseat Jason Avant or
Hank Baskett in order to push for meaningful reps behind DeSean Jackson and
Jeremy Maclin.


But enough about football, and, soon, enough about basketball,
which is about to make the Great Game the Only Game in Town again.  Baseball roped me back in today.





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