The pitch.

I’m giving myself
the day off, too.  I’m sports tired.


For now, check out a
few things:


Scott Lucas has put
together a strong
organizational depth chart
for the Rangers, top to bottom.  Great resource.


On the Frisco staff
you’ll find righthander Ryan Tatusko, from whom I’ll have a new Back Fields
Diary entry later this morning.


Also from Scott
you’ll see that we’ve replaced the eight-prospect photo rotation on the front page of the website with
action shots of eight new players who stand out in the system right now.  Scott took most of the shots a few weeks ago
in Surprise.


Also worth checking
out on the website is a
message that Chuck Morgan posted on the Newberg Report forum
.  It involves Rangers Ballpark, Bound Edition
cover artist Drew Sheppard, and the Wave. 
And it might make you happy.


Speaking of the Bound Edition, I’ve now gotten 224 responses
to last night’s invitation to guess which pitch yesterday made me think
suddenly that we were going to win that game.


Two got it right. 
Books will go out in today’s mail to Shawn Redd and Lonnie Wilson.


It was the 0-1 pitch to Nelson Cruz in the seventh that he
laid off.  The same 80-mph Shawn Marcum
change that we’d swung through probably a dozen times.  From where I sat the pitch looked maybe two
inches low, right over the plate, and Cruz patiently watched it go by for ball
one.  Served a little notice that maybe
we weren’t going to keep biting on that pitch.


It felt like a turning point (even if he hadn’t homered
three fastballs later).  In my head,
strange as it might be, I thought at that moment we were going to get the W.


Have a great two days. 
It won’t be easy for me, either, but try to patiently wait for Rich
Harden-Brian Tallet tomorrow night.

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