Since arriving in camp, outfielder Brandon Boggs, recovering from a shoulder injury, has been allowed to do everything but slide.

For the last week or so, I’ve pretty much allowed myself to do nothing but slide.

Sorry for the half-baked-ness the last few days.  I should have time for a full-length report tomorrow morning.

Tune into The Fan (105.3 FM) for today’s first Cactus League pitch, at 2:05 p.m.  Rich Harden takes the ball to open the bottom of the first, and Colby Lewis, Doug Mathis, Ben Snyder, and Pedro Strop are slated to follow.

P.S./Off-Topic:  In the meantime, my buddy Devin Pike asked if I would pass this along: Red Carpet Crash, The MungleShow and BigFanBoy.com present the best place in Dallas to watch the 2010 Academy Awards on Sunday, March 7 – at the Historic Lakewood Theater.  We’ll have the biggest night in entertainment on a massive 55′ HD screen, and you’re invited to watch it with us, along with local actors, filmmakers and a few surprise guests.  Play along with our Ballot Challenge, which has prizes for every Awards category – the player with the most correct guesses will win a pair of Star Passes to the Dallas International Film Festival (a $1500 value).  Admission is free, with VIP tickets available for $10.

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