The party.

I’m not easily awed.  

In the nearly 12 years of this project, there haven’t been too many moments that knocked me speechless.  But last night was one of them.

I’m still stunned at how many of you packed the room (well, rooms) at Sherlock’s for the book release party.  I’d sit here and thank everyone again, but since I think everyone who’s ever heard of the Newberg Report was there when I did so last night, what’s the point?

But I do want to give repeat thanks to Steve, Rosco, Jason, Amber, and April for making Sherlock’s the perfect place for our gathering once again, and to Eleanor and Toni and Devin and Norma for working so hard to make the party great.  There are many others.

We’re seriously thinking about having a second party, probably at the Sherlock’s in Dallas (near Northpark Mall) sometime in January.  We’ll work on a new player lineup for the next one, for those of you who might want to come again.  Stay tuned.

When I asked Rusty Greer, Ian and Tess Kinsler, Scott Feldman, Tommy Hunter, Derek Holland, and Chris Davis a month ago if they could join us last night, without exception they responded not with an “I’ll get back to you” or “Check back with me if you can’t find someone else.”  In every case it was “What time do you need me there?”

I told them 6:00 until 9:00.  But it took until 9:30 to get through the entire autograph line (the manager was thrilled with last year’s crowd of a little bit over 400 Rangers fans – last night we approached 600).  

And then we Q&A’d until 10:00.

Those four tall boxes built to hold Toys for Tots donations weren’t enough.  The Marines on hand had to empty the boxes in their vans more than once to make sure there was always something for you all to put your toys in.  Awesome.

Speaking of boxes, I said half-jokingly on Twitter yesterday that I was lugging 500 copies of the 2010 Bound Edition to the party and was hoping to come home with only about one-fifth of those.

Turns out I did.  

Tack on the 400 copies that shipped out earlier this week, and we’re off to our best start ever with book sales.  

A number of you vowed to pass along photos from the party.  We’ll get those put up on one page once they start to come in, and I know there will be a blogged writeup or two.  I’ll share the links to those as well.

I had a great time last night.  Thank you all.

                                    *    *    *

                       Owners from Pittsburgh
                       There’s precedent for those here
                       To contend yearly


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