Short Attention Span Theater.

The best nicknames in sports take a while to get any footing, then gain a little traction as the player moves up the cred ladder, and one day, once the player has really arrived, the nickname becomes part of his identity.  Yogi.  Magic.  Prime Time.


I gave Scott Feldman a terrible nickname.  Because while MUTRIHOF still fits, before too much longer it won’t any more.  He’s not an ace, but man, what a horse.

An imminently arbitration-eligible horse.

Michael Young in 34 games since July 19, spanning 135 at-bats: .385/.436/.681 (OPS: 1.117), with 10 home runs and 26 RBI.

Since Chris Davis was optioned to Oklahoma City in the first week of July, he’s been the RedHawks’ primary third baseman.

Today the Rangers announced the signing of third baseman Travis Metcalf to a minor league deal, assigning him to Oklahoma City, whose season is likely over in two weeks.

Just sayin’.

Anyway, just another Sunday edition of Short Attention Span Theater, starring a team that doesn’t seem to ever care, or remember, that it just lost a game or two that had everyone proclaiming they were circling the drain.


On to New York.


. . . And there you have it.  Maybe I should have waited another 90 seconds before sending that report out.

According to T.R. Sullivan of, the Rangers are expected to recall Chris Davis in time for the series opener in Yankee Stadium on Tuesday.  Davis – who hit .327/.418/.521 in 165 Oklahoma City at-bats, with 25 walks and 39 strikeouts in 44 games – will return to the lineup as the Rangers’ starting first baseman, relegating Hank Blalock to a role as part-time designated hitter or bat off the bench. 

No word on whose roster spot Davis will take.

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