My bad.

bad, times two:


I wrote three days ago that Julio Borbon would probably go back to AAA once
Nelson Cruz was ready to return to the active roster.  Umm, no.


I am terrible at watching Jason Jennings pitch. 
Not since 2007 Jamey Wright have I had a more difficult time watching a
Rangers pitcher than I’ve had watching Jennings
the last three months.  I get that he’s a
warrior, but I can’t do it any more.  The
oversimplified book: lay off the breaking ball diving out of the zone, make him
throw strikes, and crush those.  Good
grief, Jason Grilli, get your rehab work in at Frisco and come back.  Jennings
can’t be given the ball in close games.


are two players on this roster I just can’t watch any more, and I can’t even
bring myself to mention the second one. 


contending team in baseball is going to lose a bunch of games over the next six
weeks, and tonight’s was just one of those for Texas. 


that’s a really, really tough loss.


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