Borbon streak.

Remember when Clay Buchholz threw a no-hitter
for Boston in
his 2007 rookie season, and was taken out of the rotation right
afterwards?  I do, and I remember thinking how sickening it was that there
was a team with so much depth that they could get a no-hitter out of a rookie
pitcher and treat it like a spot start.

Julio Borbon, despite tonight’s 4 for 5 with two RBI, four stolen bases,
and two runs, is probably going to go back to AAA once Nelson Cruz is healthy.


He’s our Buchholz, in a way. 

And a much better baserunner.

This was one of those games when I imagine Derek Holland sat in the dugout, saw
his former Frisco teammates Borbon and Elvis Andrus do their thing back to back
all night, and turned to whoever was next to him and said: “Yep.”

And when Andrus and Borbon, backing Holland
up defensively, watched him do his thing into the seventh inning, and said to
themselves: “Yep.”

Texas 7, Boston
2 doesn’t exactly erase Friday night’s hurt, but it does bring the Rangers back
to within a half-game of the Red Sox in the Wild Card chase, with the rubber
match of the series tomorrow afternoon.

I haven’t had this good a time as a baseball fan since 1999. 

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