you get set for Kevin Millwood’s return to the mound this afternoon, facing an
Angels lineup that tuned him up a month ago, and perhaps an appointment with
Channel 21 tonight to catch Frisco’s game against San Antonio (during which I’ll
be in the TV booth for the fifth and possibly sixth inning) . . .


. . and as you wonder who the Vicente Padilla impostor was in the dugout
Wednesday night laughing and mocking home plate ump Bob Davidson after the
drilling of Michael Young prompted a warning to the benches – since, you know, Vinny
now insists he was back in the clubhouse when all that went down . . .


. . and as you put another checkmark in the column after seeing that Chris
Davis drew walks in the first four of his six Oklahoma City trips last night
(in a game in which Sacramento issued just seven walks in 12 innings), adding a
single, GIDP, and no strikeouts . . .


. . and as you enjoy this quote from an opposing South Atlantic League manager
regarding Hickory lefthander Martin Perez, number 10 on this week’s Baseball America “Hot Sheet”: “I’m glad
he’s on that pitch count, because he’s scary. 
That helps everyone out a lot” . . .


. . and as you remind yourself that, in extremely limited circumstances, it
really is OK to root for the Yankees . . . I wanted to take a second for some


again to those of you who have responded with “honor system” contributions to
the Newberg Report the last few days.  If you are still interested in
participating – although please don’t feel compelled to – we’re asking for a
contribution of $15 to $25. 


easiest way to contribute is to go to and send payment to the account.


can also send a check or money order to:



Lopez Serafino Jenevein, P.C.

2001 Bryan Street

Suite 2000

Dallas, TX


of whether you participate or not, I thank all of you for your continued
support of the Newberg Report.



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(c) Jamey Newberg


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