Newberg Report Blast from the Past

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Nestled somewhere between “What’s Jeff Zimmerman up to?”
and “What ever happened to Erik Thompson?,” as far as Newberg Report reader
questions over the years have gone, has been “Where’s Spike Lundberg these


Many of you know the history.  The Rangers’ 1997
26th-round pick, a converted shortstop whose 28 wins in 1999 and 2000
between High A Charlotte and AA Tulsa matched Astros farmhand Roy Oswalt for the
most in the minor leagues, was the first player to admit he read the Newberg
(Minor League) Report and was a big reason this thing started on a path to going
from what it was to what it is.


I heard from Spike last night, and since the feedback
when I passed along a message from Erasmo Ramirez a couple months ago was so
strong, I asked Spike if it was OK with him if I passed this


Read on to find out where Spike Lundberg is these



Hey Jamey,


I shut it down about 5 or 6 weeks ago.  I’ve been
meaning to write you, but everything has started getting crazy with what I’m
doing now.  Before I get to that, let me thank you and everyone who’s been
behind the scenes of the NMLR.  I wasn’t a prospect when Matt Miller first told
me about your website.  So for a guy like me hearing about someone in Texas writing reports
about us, that was kind of a big deal to me.  I always used it as a motivational
tool.  I would pitch my games and being the stat rat that I am, I couldn’t wait
to see everything in the next report.  I needed to know if Doug Davis won again,
because I swear he won every time I did in 99.  It was also fun to follow some
of my best friends that were at other levels like RA, Travis Hughes, Colby
Lewis, Andy Pratt, Nick Regilio, and the list goes on . . . .


Romano used to always make fun of me as the leader of
the computer club, but they couldn’t believe it when I could use some info from
your reports and tell them why this trade may or may not happen and have a good
idea of who we might draft that year.  Once we reached the Texas League, Romano
and C-los were already known to everyone, but I always got a kick out of someone
in Round Rock or San
Antonio telling me they’ve followed me thanks to


I like to tell people I went from suspect to prospect
during those years.  Much of that is because of my focus on the mental side of
the game. Carlos and I would spend more nights at Barnes and Noble and while he
was reading about mythology, I was buried in every baseball book I could find
that talked about Maddux or other guys who did it with their heads more than


Of course, stuff helps and gives you a bigger margin for
error.  That and consistency stopped me and brought me back to earth in OKC.
 Something good came out of that though, I got a record you don’t want while
you’re playing, but I’m not ashamed of now, 27 wins as a Driller.  Although I
never heard the guys on Sportscenter announce me as former Driller, I was
fortunate to even get on that show a couple of times.


So now I’m done, and I’m happy with the things I did do
in my career and have no regrets.  I tried every avenue I could. 12 seasons, 10
years of winterball, 1200 innings, 102 wins, 60+ saves and more memories
forgotten than I can remember.  I’ll miss the fans, I’m guessing 85% of them are
Newberg subscribers.  The thing I’ll miss the most is my teammates.  There’s
nothing like struggling together through those bus rides, the Sally League and
day games in the Texas League.


Now, I’ll still be spending most of my time at the
ballpark.  I’ve been hired as a Professional Player Representative with the
Boras Corporation.  The original plan was to pursue scouting/coaching, but this
came to me right after I hung them up and I’m very excited about it.  Lots of
travel, but I get to spend more time at home and still get to help some young
players who I think will be great down the road.


I’ll still be reading these daily reports, helps me do
my job ya know.  Haha.


Thank you for all the support and making me a bigger
“celeb” than I should’ve been.  I wish all the best for you, your family, and
the Rangers.  I hope Max realizes how lucky he is to be exposed to some of the
best players in Texas history.  Let me know if I can do
anything, besides telling our company’s secrets.








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(c) Jamey Newberg

Twitter  @newbergreport


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