Newberg Report / Baseball Prospectus special

First, a
quick note: You can catch the Frisco RoughRiders on Channel 21 this Saturday night
(7:00 start) when they host the San Antonio Missions, and if you do, you’ll catch
me in the TV booth for the fifth and maybe the sixth inning, doing a little
color commentary for the broadcast.


But that’s
just for those of you in North Texas.  What follows is good for every one of you
(including the two readers from Cambodia
and Latvia
who have been among those sending Newberg Report contributions in this week).  This message comes to us from Baseball
Prospectus’s Kevin Goldstein:



Hi Jamey,


I wanted to start out by
thanking you once again for inviting Will and myself to Newberg night last
weekend.  It was truly a special event.  Every team has its fan-based
websites and blogs covering the up-and-coming players, and many of them have
excellent content, but none have been able to match your sense of community.
 The fact that you can draw that many people to a ballpark event, have Jon
Daniels be so gracious with his time, while also raising thousands of dollars
for a great cause, is a real tribute to the work you and Scott provide on a
daily basis.


Per our discussions, and
promises to those who attended, we’d like to extend a pair of special offers to
both potentially new, and existing subscribers of Baseball Prospectus.
 Like you, your readers are hardcore baseball fans (as well as all 30
teams, including the Rangers) looking for the best information and analysis out
there, and we provide that on a national level, as they don’t only get Will
Carroll breaking down the injuries like nobody else, and myself on scouting,
prospects and player development, but also Joe Sheehan breaking down the
current news in his inimitable style, Christina Kahrl on all of the
transactions, Marc Normandin helping the fantasy players on a weekly basis, as
well as Jim Siedman and others providing in-depth, high-end statistical
analysis.  We think a subscription is already one of the best deals in
baseball, and we’d like to provide a deal that much better for your readers.


Offer #1: 20% off Premium Yearly Subscriptions


The offer is available to
both new and existing subscribers.  In actuality, it’s a $8 reduction in
price, so for renewals, it’s closer to 25%, as our renewal price is already $5
less than a new subscription to reward customer loyalty.


How to take advantage:


Go to
 In the coupon code field, use code
“newbergyear” (no quotes).  Current subscribers must be logged
into our site to be given the option to extend.


Offer #2: $4.95 off Premium Recurring Subscriptions


This is a great way to try
out Baseball Prospectus with no risk to you, as this is essentially the first
month free.  Subsequent months will be charged at the normal rate of
$4.95/month, and those that cancel in the first month will not be billed.


How to take advantage:


Go to
 In the coupon code field, use code
“newbergmonth” (no quotes).


We can’t keep these deals
open forever, so your readers have until August
to take advantage of either offer.  We’re sure that either way
they won’t be disappointed, and it will be nice to have that much larger and
smarter of a comment thread when I release my Rangers Top 11 prospects (available
to subscribers only) in the off-season.


Thanks again to both you and
your readers, and we’re already looking forward to next year’s event.


Kevin Goldstein

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