Mathis: Darn well worth it.

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Texas vs. Boston: 5-1


vs. Angels: 7-2


Texas vs. Seattle: 6-3


Texas vs. Tampa Bay:


vs. White Sox: 4-2


I said this on Twitter an inning into Doug Mathis’s effort
tonight: “[Dustin] Nippert may pitch for 8 teams before he’s done.  He’ll play for a bunch of bad teams.  Doug Mathis, on the other hand, will pitch
for winners.”


I have very little doubt that, when Texas is engaged in trade talks over the
next week and a half, Mathis’s name will come up.  His ceiling may be that of a back-of-the-rotation
guy, and he’ll never be the centerpiece of an impact trade, but someone is
going to try and make him the Kason Gabbard of a multi-player Rangers package this
month.  I doubt they’ll succeed. 


I don’t mean to overlook what Nippert did tonight.  He came up absolutely huge, and has more raw
tools than Mathis and maybe half his pitching staff teammates.  When Nippert executes with that toolbox, like
he did tonight, he can be a quality big league pitcher that dominates from time
to time.


But when Mathis pitches like that, with command and pace and
movement and aggressiveness, he’s the one I have an easier time envisioning
when I blur my eyes and imagine what the 2011 pitching staff will look


Other Twitter comments from tonight, for those of you not “following”:


“Rangers offense forcing more 20 pitch innings…where did
this come from?  More, please.”


“I’ve never said ‘I heart’ anything.  But I heart our shortstop.  At age 20, he may be the team’s truest ‘baseball
player.’  What a future.”


The Angels anger me.  Time
for the Rangers to take tomorrow off, get some rest and take some vitamins, and
then go punish Kansas City
for their late-inning ineptitude against the Halos.


Stated another way, it’s time for us to go beat up on a bad
team the way we’ve smacked some of the league’s best teams around this season.



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