Twittering Texas 4, Boston 2.

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I’m not going to make a habit of this, but the circumstances
were right tonight, and I did the Twitter thing from my seat at Rangers
Ballpark.  It went something like this:


FIRST INNING: 1st: hunter 11
pitches, Beckett 22…like seeing D.Anderson getting more aggressive sending
runners…make ’em make a play


SECOND: Papi getting
aggressive on the bags? Like that too


FOURTH: Hunter’s G/F tonight
will be deceiving; lots of bad contact in the air


FIFTH: In the 15 years
before 07, Hunter is a top 5 prospect for this org; now — 12ish? 15?
Impressive as hell


SIXTH: Someone oughtta
research this: lowest pitches per inning in a start vs super-disciplined Boston this year


20-something-pitch inning: my bad, that’s on me; one other thing – (I’m gonna
choose not to reprint the rest here)


SEVENTH: Another great Anderson send


EIGHTH: Yeah sabermetricians:
pitching no better this year; mm hmm


EIGHTH: Hamilton just a little better than Beckett, just
like TB thought 10 years ago


EIGHTH: In 10-year career,
Dave Anderson never played against Boston;
coaching game of his life tonight vs Sox


NINTH: Liiiiiiikes me some
2009 C.J.


If you’re on Twitter and want to follow me, I’m at


Also, I’ll announce a few new raffle and auction prizes for Newberg
Report Night soon – they include an autographed Nolan Ryan baseball, an
autographed Kevin Millwood batting practice jersey, a miniature batting helmet
signed by six Rangers players, an 8 x 10 team photo signed by 14 players, and
an autographed 8 x 10 Michael Young photo.



You can read more from Jamey


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