Looking back on a look ahead.

Since it’s mid-season and we still have another couple days
before Texas takes the field again, here’s something to tide you over – the two
massive “Asked & Answered” Q&A’s I did in February, fielding about 80
of your questions about the 2009 season and beyond, just as spring training was
getting underway.


There were some spectacular questions in both batches, and
among my answers are plenty of hits and misses in terms of my 2009 predictions.  Here’s one from the February 3 Q&A that I
came out OK on, so far:



Q: If Andrus were to
play 120 games in 2009, what sort of stats do you see him ending up with? – J.


A: In his first 494
big league at-bats (spanning two years), Jose Reyes hit .283/.307/.407 with 32
stolen bases. In his first 196 big league at-bats (spanning two years), Alex
Rodriguez hit .224/.257/.352 with seven stolen bases. I’ll say Reyes’s on-base,
A-Rod’s slug, and split the difference in batting average and steals.



Spelling out my answer, what I predicted in February for
Andrus was .253/.307/.352, and 20 stolen bases.


Andrus is hitting .253/.315/.350.  Extrapolate to 120 games, and he’d end up
with 26 steals.


So I was a little light on the swipes.  Otherwise, pretty close.


Here are the complete Q&A’s:


February 3 “Asked & Answered”:  http://www.newbergreport.com/article.asp?articleid=1245


February 18 “Asked & Answered”:  http://www.newbergreport.com/article.asp?articleid=1280



You can read more from Jamey
at www.NewbergReport.com.


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