One extra reason to vote for Ian Kinsler

the Angels and Dodgers have forged an alliance, with Angels fans
agreeing to vote for Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp as long as Dodgers fans agree
to vote for Angels third baseman Chone Figgins in the fan balloting for the
final player on the AL and NL All-Star Game rosters.




day into the vote, Ian Kinsler has an early but narrow lead over Brandon Inge
and fellow finalists Figgins, Adam Lind, and Carlos Pena for the final AL roster spot.


some added incentive for the Newberg Report community to help send Kinsler to St. Louis:


Kinsler wins the vote, Cristina Barbosa-Young and Tess Kinsler and their
husbands Michael and Ian will treat one Newberg Report reader who voted, and a
guest, to dinner at Bob’s Steak and Chop House in Dallas on an upcoming off-day. 


the standard All-Star Game vote that concluded last week, there is no limit to
the number of times you can vote to help Kinsler hold his lead to become the 33rd
player on the AL


where you go on to vote:


can also vote by text message if you’re a Sprint, Nextel, or Boost subscriber.
 To vote by mobile phone, text the word “VOTE” to 1122.  To vote for
Kinsler, simply text “A3” to 1122.


closes at 3 p.m. our time on Thursday afternoon, so get rolling.  Vote a
lot of times.  Email me at once
you’ve voted, and you’ll be entered in the drawing for the dinner with the
Young’s and Kinsler’s. 


you can still vote for Kemp on the NL side if you want.



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Jamey, you do a great job and we apprecaite you. However, on this one I have to pass. Yesterday, Ian stated that it was “Little League” for anyone to suggest he had an upper cut swing. Well, he leads the league inpop ups and if he is blind to video that he watchs after every at bas and to what everyone else sees then we are in trouble in the second half with our leadoff position. He is hitting, what ,210 or so the last 200 at bats? The last thing we need is attitude Thanks again. Roger.

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