.300 is the benchmark for a solid
batting average.


.400 indicates a very good


.500 is a healthy slug.


And .600 is a damn
good-looking win percentage.


At the moment, only two
teams in baseball are better (the Dodgers at .676 and Toronto at .632). 


When this series with the
Angels is over, two games and probably 70,000 fans from now, the Rangers will be
in first place, regardless of what happens with Padilla-Lackey and Feldman-Weaver.


Scary win, ultimately –
imagine if Josh Hamilton hadn’t hit one 460 or, three innings earlier, thrown a
laser half that distance to cut Howie Kendrick down at the plate – but the
bottom line is the Rangers held on, putting a little more distance between them
and the Angels. 


The sweep of Seattle this week was extraordinary in that the Mariners
had the lead or were tied with Texas
in 25 of the series’s 29 innings.  The
nice thing about tonight’s opener of the Angels set was that the Rangers led in
nine of nine innings. 


It didn’t end pretty, but
the statement belonged to Texas,
who punished the 5-1, 2.66 Joe Saunders (7-0, 2.79 in his last nine road starts)
and got to the soft underbelly of the beleaguered Angels bullpen.


.600, baby.


See you at the yard.

You can read more from Jamey
at www.NewbergReport.com.

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