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You know that mini-blast I sent out this morning,
begging off of writing for a day because of early morning work obligations?  The
one in which I acknowledged that there was news to get to on Frankie Francisco,
Neftali Feliz, Thomas Diamond, Richard Bleier, and Frank Catalanotto, plus,
having retired my Ian Kinsler-Brenden Morrow comp (with absolute conviction that
I was, and continue to be, dead on about that), another exhibit to support my
case that Chris Davis is (Good) Tony Romo – but that it would all have to wait a


It’s going to have to wait another


The Mavericks were just euthanized, and you know what
that means.  Take a peek around that corner.  That bandwagon is about to fire up
and head over to our street.


It ought to, at least.


There are days when this game gives you more to say than
you can possibly get to, and others when words don’t have a shot. 


This one?  Both.


But, courtesy of the man whose words about this team are
always dead on, not only in what they convey but also how they sound, click the .mp3 file attached to the emailed version of this report
and enjoy a minute and eight seconds of


They stream out of
the dugout!  They mob Hamilton at the plate!   And now they go after Blalock at






Sweet dreams.



You can read more from Jamey


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