Buckle up.

A 5-2 road trip featuring a 3.10 ERA by the pitching staff. 


A half-game lead over the Angels that, because of a day off
for both, will remain tomorrow when Texas kicks off three at home against
Seattle as Los Angeles hosts Boston for three – before the Rangers and Angels go
head to head Friday through Sunday, for the first time this season.


Josh Hamilton (two weeks) and Michael Young (two days) just
about ready to return. 


Four of five starting pitchers in serious grooves. 


Some relievers need


Next time someone suggests to you that Texas did nothing significant in free agency
this winter, you don’t even need to remind them of the doorstep signing of Ben
Sheets.  Respond with just two words:


Mike Maddux.


See the catch Torii Hunter made yesterday to keep the Angels
a half-game out?


Big week ahead.


With the Mavs on the verge of being turned into mini sirloin
burgers for the year, it’s about to become baseball season for short-attention-span
crowd.  That bandwagon parked around the
corner is going to start to load up. 


Hopefully there’s more than just a big week ahead.  Would like for the late arrivals to stick
around a while.


Buckle up.



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at www.NewbergReport.com.

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