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Aside from playing the game, there’s nothing that gets my
sports adrenaline firing like a big trade by my team.


A great win deprives me of sleep.


A great play is guaranteed to bust me out of my relatively
even keel.


But a sustained run of good, solid, efficient baseball simply
makes me a happy, contented person. 


The second five of Matt Harrison’s 10 straight scoreless
innings heading into tonight’s game came against the White Sox on Sunday, but
it took the lefthander 100 pitches to get through those five frames.  It wouldn’t take a sports genius to figure
that a veteran lineup like Chicago’s would find a way, five days later, to forge
a game plan that would take advantage of the high pitch count it had forced in
Arlington and turn things around on Harrison in the encore.


And then he goes out and shows the White Sox 111 pitches tonight.


And they were enough to get him through not five, but nine


Without allowing so much as an extra-base hit. 


Or a run, something he can vaguely recall happening 20
innings ago.


The 111 pitches are remarkable, not only in terms of the
workload they represent but also – more
– because they completed a game. 
Twelve-pitch innings create momentum. 
Averaging 12 a frame is something
else altogether.


He’s 23.


The smile on Harrison’s face after the 27th out betrayed
some of the relief he must have felt that he was able to cross the finish line himself
and do so with nothing but zeroes in the most spaces on the board.


The smile on his personal catcher Taylor Teagarden’s face,
less battle-weary and more energized, looked more like what I think my own did.


More good, solid, efficient, winning baseball. 






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