The Play.

The first time I saw Elvis Andrus, at Fall Instructs in
October 2007, I wrote this:

For some players, the ball just
sounds different coming off their bat.  Some can spin a breaking ball in such a
way that you know the hitter has no chance before the pitch is halfway to the
plate.  There are others, like Andrus, who you can tell are different simply by
how they carry themselves.  I’m struggling as to how to explain it.  It’s not
really a swagger that Andrus has.  It’s more of a comfortable magnetism.  He
reminds me of a feature tailback, or a really good cover corner, with that smile
that says he knows he’s going to beat you more often than not.  He’s going to be
a leader.

The last time I saw
Elvis Andrus, he did this:
(click the arrow for the video)

And it was brilliantly described by the brilliant Eric
Nadel.  If you didn’t hear the radio call last night – or even if you did –
click here:

5-4 eandrus diving stop.mp3


Good grief.  I may have to make that my

Have a great day.

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I thought it was strange that there wasn’t any replay on FOX Sports to see if the ump got it right. If it had been a Rangers base runner you can bet there would’ve been. IMO the ump missed it. It was still a spectacular play.

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