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87 (63/24) over 7.1.


22 out of 29.




And 1.5.


Even if you’re unable to tire a horse like King Felix out by
driving up his pitch count, it sure helps when your own number one is getting his
mound opponent back out on the field as quickly as he did all night.  Kevin Millwood’s full innings lasted 11 pitches,
nine, nine, eight, 21, 10, and 10. 
Hernandez, who was apparently a bit under the weather, didn’t have a lot
of chance to catch his breath.


No team in baseball has won more over its last 10 games than
the Rangers’ seven, and no team in the American League has won as many.  Baby steps. 
But, still, steps.


Reaching back for my August 3, 2006 report:


I hate weeknight West
Coast games. 


Hate ’em.  Hate ’em. 
Hate ’em.


By which I mean I love


The preceding was brought to you by the man – no, the kid – who, half an hour ago, made arguably
the greatest play a Rangers shortstop has ever made.





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Very few times have I watched in amazement as a Rangers player does something unbeleivable, but last night at nearly midnight Texas time I was just flat floored. As Elvis dove and grab that ball my mouth literally fell open. I could not think of a time in sports that I was more suprised or shocked. This kid is a super star waiting to come into his own, if he hasnt already. Cant wait to see what the future holds.

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