Consider this the hint of the century.

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Enough about “clutch” and “feel.”  You want more
numbers?  You got it.


The number 100:


Days that President Obama has been in


Episodes of “Lost,” as of


Product of the Rangers’ 10-10 record


Versions of yesterday’s Josh Rupe news flash
that (eventually) landed in your mailbox  (apologies . . . )


Percentage of Major League pitchers who have
fewer innings pitched this season than Kevin Millwood


Percentage of opponents failing to score an
earned run since Frank Francisco became this club’s closer in


Number of career wins for Vicente Padilla if
he can manage to match last year’s 14 (tonight would be a good time to get
moving back in that direction)


Career RBI for Nelson Cruz after he drives a
run in off A’s starter Josh Outman tonight


Number of pennies to grab a dog at the game (it’s Dollar Hot Dog Night)


credit you’ll still get for subscribing to DirecTV if you do the referral deal –
let me know if you need details


Percentage more Kannapolis groundouts than
flyouts that sleeper pitching prospect Carlos Pimentel coaxed in his outstanding
start for Hickory this morning


Sum of the numbers in Michael Young’s
birthdate (10-19-76) minus the round he was drafted in by the Blue Jays (5)
(dude, I’m good)


Number of one-minute, 51-second increments
until Young’s live
chat this afternoon on
(more specifically, it
begins at 3:30 pm today – click here to



I’m nothing if not a numbers





Jamison D. Newberg

Vincent Lopez Serafino Jenevein,

2001 Bryan Street,
Suite 2000

Dallas, TX  75201

(214) 979-7416

(214) 979-7402 fax


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