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If you’re someone I see at work or at T-ball practice or at
soccer games or at the grocery store, or if you’re someone I trade emails with,
I’ll save you the trouble.  The answer to
your question, whichever of the four or five questions you have on your mind
right now, is: “I don’t know.”


I do know that I feel awful for Kevin Millwood.  That’s what a number one does.  Two straight losses?  Seven straight in Detroit (none of which were Millwood starts,


Give me the ball. 


Jump on my back. 


Millwood’s not just going to vest that 2010 deal; he’s going
to earn it.  He may not be a true ace,
but he’s a horse, a number one, a winner.


You can’t lose games like that.  Asking how that happened is rhetorical.


That, and all the other questions, are ones I have no answer


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I’m a little stunned myself, but not overly surprised. Our bullpen is not improved that much form last year. I see some improvement in the rotation, but not enough to make any difference from last year. I guess we’ll just have to enjoy the offense of the Texas lumber company.

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