According to more than one local
source, the Rangers have decided not to go forward with the two-toned helmets
they introduced this off-season.  The club will wear blue helmets with the blue
jerseys, and red helmets with the red jerseys.  One idea behind the two-toned
hat was that the club could travel with just one helmet on a road trip during
which it might wear blue some nights and red other nights.  But logistics are
taking a back seat to aesthetics, I’m happy to say.

I never commented on the look of the
new helmet because the two players I asked about it both liked it.  A lot.  (Or
at least that’s what they said.) 
So I figured it might grow on me.

I think it works for the Mets,
because black and a dark shade of blue complement each other pretty well.  I
liked the concept here until I saw the helmet – red plus blue just didn’t

Credit to the organization for
making the change.

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