Alex Rodriguez: In his own words.

Seemed like a decent
time to lift these from page 46 of the 2005 Bound Edition (“Top 10 Alex
Rodriguez Quotes”):



From A-Rod’s infamous
April 2004 ESPN The Magazine article, written shortly after he’d engineered his
way out of Texas and to New York:


“I hit rock bottom in the middle of the [2003]
season.  I remember driving home with my
wife, Cynthia, after a game and telling her, ‘I just don’t see the light.  Where is the light?  What am I in this for?’  I would have never gone to Texas if they had told me, ‘Alex, it’s going
to be you and 24 kids.’  Never.” 


bottom in the middle of the season.”  Do
we know when the positive 2003 test was?



unknown; date unnecessary:


“There is a difference
between image and reputation.  Image is
nice; reputation is developed over an entire career.  Reputation is what I’m searching for.”





being named captain of the Rangers in January 2004:


“I definitely think I’m
going to be here for a long time.  I’m
probably pretty sure it will work out for the best.” 


to throw this one in because it’s one of my favorite [well, least favorite] sports
quotes ever.  “Probably pretty sure.”



in April 2004:


“I’ve had kind of a
weird ability that the more chaotic things are around me, the better I
play.  My comfort level is probably in
the eye in the storm, perhaps.” 


we’re about to see.



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