Guardado close to signing.

According to at
least one local report, lefthander Eddie Guardado has agreed in principle to
return to the Rangers on a one-year, non-roster contract.  Final terms have yet to be ironed out,
reportedly, but the deal could be worth as much as $3 million if Guardado makes
the staff and hits all incentive thresholds. 
There is also talk of some level of no-trade protection.


There is mounting speculation
among national columnists that Ben Sheets’s medicals are worse than
anticipated, which is why he remains on the market.


What I fear at this
point is that Oakland, which has been quietly plucking veterans off the free
agency and trade markets (Jason Giambi, Russ Springer, Michael Wuertz, after
the big Matt Holliday splash), goes out and offers Sheets a one-year deal, very
heavy on incentives, with the idea that he can help bring along the young A’s
rotation, and, if healthy, not only boost Oakland’s chances to win this year in
a division whose margin at the top has arguably narrowed, but also give Billy
Beane a significant July trade chip or two first-rounders in 2010, more than making
up for the 2009 second-round pick he’d be forfeiting to sign the righthander.


Hoping to have the Newberg
Report Q&A ready to roll out tomorrow.

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