Frozen stuff.

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So what is there to
do as you sit imprisoned at home by this apocalyptic arctic blast (take a look
out that window: those sunny skies will help illuminate the paralyzing
conditions), cut off from civilization by your local telecast’s warnings of
devastation and imminent doom?  A few


Pop over to, where Professor Jason Parks has an excellent interview
up with four of the Rangers’ top pitching prospects, each of whom participated
in last week’s pitching mini-camp at Rangers Ballpark.  No matter how much of a Kasey Kiker fan you
are, you’re about to become more of one.


Be thankful that the mini-camp took place last week rather than this week, when
this wintry mix might not only have cut into the work the 19 pitchers could get
done, but also could have threatened extended disabled list time, if not prompted
thoughts of retirement.


Be thankful that the Rangers’ front office team made plans to jet to the Dominican Republic
yesterday, rather than today.  (Though
isn’t Nolan Ryan supposed to return to Texas
today?  His flight might need to be
rerouted to Poughkeepsie.)


By the way, today is BBTIA founder (and severe weather hound) Joey Matschulat’s
22nd birthday.  The fact that
it’s marked by today’s cataclysmic weather event is akin, in my case, to those
frequent years in which the Rangers’ spring training Cactus League schedule kicks
off on March 3rd. 


Want to see where everyone has Rangers prospects ranked this off-season, from
respected publications to national writers who know what they’re talking about
to the bloggers here in town who spend time writing about the organization’s
minor leagues?  Scott Lucas has gathered
the data in one place:  (There’s also a link on that page to the 2008
chart, where you can see how many of the 10 entrants had Chris Davis at number
one at this time last year.)


Ask yourself if you’d start unpacking today if you were former Rangers draft
pick Virgil Vasquez, who – since the season ended – has been designated for assignment
by Detroit, claimed by Boston, designated for assignment by Boston, claimed by San
Diego, designated for assignment by San Diego, and claimed by Pittsburgh.  The strangest part?  The righthander still has an option.


Fire off a note of congrats to former Rangers righthanders Tanyon Sturtze and
Jason Standridge, who scored minor league deals with the Dodgers and Marlins,
and outfielder Ruddy Yan, who got one with the Rockies.


The Brewers are out on Oliver Perez.  The
Mets appear to be getting closer to a deal with the lefthander.  Andy Pettitte is a Yankee, Jon Garland is
about to be a Diamondback.  Ben Sheets,
if you can hear me through the lack of precipitation: Go read Jason’s mini-camp
interview on BBTIA.  Remind yourself how
much you’ll miss Mike Maddux if you sign with anyone other than your hometown


Hey, it’s a great day to keep emailing me your questions about the Rangers farm
system for our first Prospect Q&A.  I’ll
take questions until Friday and post my answers sometime next week – assuming my
brain thaws out and I regain feeling in my extremities. 



You can read more from Jamey


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