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Those suggestions in
several local stories that a Ben Sheets deal could happen today are evidently
based on the fact that Jon Daniels and some of his high-end executives leave
tomorrow for their annual visit to the club’s Dominican
Republic baseball


Whether Texas has made a concrete
offer to Sheets or not, I still don’t see him signing before the Mets and
Yankees take themselves out of the mix by signing Oliver Perez and Andy


And I think the Rangers’
cell phones probably work from San Pedro de


I also suspect you can
get a flight back to North Texas, if necessary,
a day or two early.


There might even be
someone in the organization with access to a private


Keith Law followed up
his Top 100 Prospects feature for by pointing to players in each system
with the potential to move from off the 2009 list to a spot somewhere in the top
half of the 2010 rankings (as Neftali Feliz did from last year’s list to the
current one).  Righthander Wilfredo Boscan is Law’s choice from the Texas system, with
lefthander Kasey Kiker also getting a mention.


Nick Cafardo of the
Boston Globe writes that even
though the Rangers haven’t backed off their insistence on Boston righthander Clay Buchholz, “Adam Melhuse signing
with Texas
could be a signal that Taylor Teagarden or Jarrod Saltalamacchia are en route to
the Red Sox.”




Cafardo also reports
that Texas is
in on Eric Gagné.


Here’s Grant Schiller’s
of Friday night’s Sluggers of the West Awards Dinner and Saturday’s Fan


Eleanor Czajka has added
Scott Lucas’s photos from our Fan Fest autograph table to the Minor Details


Newsday‘s Ken Davidoff was
very impressed with the first installment of Ryan Tatusko’s Newberg Report Minor
League Diary


Finally, you need to
read the
excellent Prospect Q&A
that Jason Parks of Baseball Time in Arlington posted a few
days ago, as he answered a bunch of prospect-related questions submitted by


And then allow me (as
Jason has) to shamelessly steal the idea, as I invite your questions about the
Rangers farm system or particular prospects for our own Prospect Q&A, which
I will post on the Newberg Report website and send out via email as well. 


Just respond to this
email with any questions you have about the players who make up baseball’s
number one farm system.  I’ll close questions on Friday, and sometime next week
I’ll post my answers – hopefully to all of them but, depending on the volume and
possible overlap of questions, I might not get to every one of them.  If this
feature works out well, we may do it several times a




You can read more from Jamey


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I read Cafardo’s comments. Now that it appears that the Red Sox and Varitek will work out a deal, I’m not sure that the Red Sox will be signing another catcher immediately. Are the Rangers really interested in Gagne? His time was us was pretty bad – I’m surprised there are teams that still want him.


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