Michael Young rescinds trade request, agrees to move to third base.

Michael Young told reporters Thursday afternoon that, “After some
careful consideration over the last month and in an effort not to let
this thing drag out and move forward on the task at hand, I decided to
put an end to this and start bearing down and play third base.”

He has rescinded his request to be traded and goes into spring training as the Rangers’ third baseman.


I knew michael would man up just like he always has. I also would not be surprised if he’s our shortstop by mid season. How many gold gloves did we have last year? Come on Daniels show me some kind of baseball skills. Big Nate

This just points to the idea that he really didn’t push this – it was a classless Jon-Boy Daniels of the Ranger’s presenting the change abrasively. Young’s agent understandably took offense to Jon-Boy’s demand (not request).

Once again, it has become abundantly clear that Nolan Ryan runs the Rangers. Here, he has fixed yet another imbroglio created by the total incompetence and tactlessness of the inept GM Jon Daniels. How much longer will he tolerate the stupidity and mishandling of professional baseball players by the Ivy-Leaguer???

Trust me…for those that don’t know any better…Ivy-Leaguers have very little comprehension of the real world, and JD is a good representative of that fact.
The Rangers should be grateful of Michael Young’s unselfish example of class because he understands Jon-Boy is immature, clueless, and in over his head. Daniels thinks he’s another Theo Epstien…he’s not even close! Thank God for Nolan Ryan or we wouldn’t have a chance.

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