Thank you.

The only thing that has been annoyingly beaten into the ground more than the
Boston media’s coverage of the possibility of a Red Sox-Rangers
pitcher-for-catcher trade this winter has been my incessant, uninvited ranting
about the football team I care about.

But other than a suggestion that
Jerry Jones could add another chapter to his legend by firing some people before
halftime ends, I have nothing left to say about the Cowboys season, other than
they have done me a huge favor today by laying down and spitting up, making way
for the anticipation of a season where the players don’t underachieve so
lifelessly, and predictably.

Plus, the words “overmatched,”
“undisciplined,” “pathetic,” and “nauseating” are worn out beyond recognition on
my keyboard.

Forty-eight days, friends.  Forty-eight days.

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There is NOTHING wrong with ranting about your favorite football team. I did it non-stop yesterday as I tried to work through the concept that my 11-5 New England Patriots were NOT going to make it to the playoffs. Damn you Brett Favre & the NY Jets! Could you just retire already!


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