Newberg Report Bound Edition: Sample feature

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Dallas, TX


a teaser, here is one of the 72 position-by-position prospect features that
appears in the front of the book, in conjunction with my ranking of the top 72 prospects
in the Rangers system:




Michael Main, RHP


After making what
amounted to three rehab appearances in Surprise as he was coming back from a
ribcage injury that cost him half the season, righthander Michael Main was
assigned in early July to Clinton,
where he logged 45.1 innings for the year.  


To give you some
perspective, Roy Halladay had a heavier workload (49.2 innings) in April
alone.  C.C. Sabathia worked more innings
in both July (47.2) and August (48.1). 


Sidney Ponson racked up more innings in
May (46.1) for Texas than Main
did as a LumberKing.


didn’t pitch a lot in 2008, but what he did with his 10 Midwest League starts
was remarkable.  At age 19, pitching
against significantly older competition, he posted a 2.58 ERA, never allowing
more than three earned runs, and he set 50 hitters down on strikes in those
45.1 innings, issuing only 13 walks. 


But it’s what the
stat pages don’t show that has the Rangers as excited as they are about the Florida native.  Aside from the mid-90s fastball and sharp
curve, the consistency, and the athleticism that made him a top center field
prospect in some clubs’ eyes, Main earns raves
for his makeup, his tenacity, and his coachability.  Following the season, Rangers Minor League Pitching
Coordinator Rick Adair told Mike Hindman of the Dallas Morning News, regarding Main:
“Mentally he’s easily the most polished guy out of high school I’ve ever been
around.  The only comparison I can think
of is [Adam] Wainwright when I had him.”


Wainwright came
out of high school in 2000.


Tim Hudson logged
268 minor league innings (24-10, 3.22) before he reached the big leagues at age
23.  Bret Saberhagen needed only 187
innings on the farm (16-7, 2.55) before getting to Kansas City at age 20.  They’re probably the two pitchers to whom
Main (5-4, 2.91 over 86.2 pro innings) is most often compared.  Does Main need 100 more innings before
arriving in the big leagues with a pro workload similar to Saberhagen’s?  Probably. 
But maybe not.


is a man who, along with fellow high school righthander Neil Ramirez, the
Rangers drafted as compensation for the loss of Gary Matthews Jr.  As lopsided as that exchange looks right now,
just wait until we look back at it in another year.




Let me know if you have any questions.





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