An inspired, inspiring hire.

all their flaws, I used to love to listen to Buck Showalter and Bill Parcells
and Don Nelson talk shop.  I always felt
a little smarter about the game after listening to Showalter conduct his daily
pregame discussion with Eric Nadel, to Parcells deliver his daily training camp
briefing, to Nellie kick back for his weekly radio segment with Norm Hitzges.


are a couple lawyers I’ve worked with whose advice and whose critique I always depended
on, whose judgment and perspective made me a better lawyer, whether by
intention or by osmosis.  (One’s name is
on the ballot for Dallas County District Judge in the morning.)


have several friends whom I count on to tell me when I’ve got it all wrong, and
who know that.


had the chance to listen to Mike Maddux for about 20 minutes tonight, talking
about the job he just accepted, the challenges he’s eager to take on and how he
plans to confront them, the things that made this organization and this
opportunity so appealing for him.


man, my day has come and gone, but I want
to pitch for that guy


couldn’t be more excited about this hire.


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