Bradley a Type B.

local reports indicate that the Elias Sports Bureau rankings are now out, and
Milton Bradley has been classified as a Type B free agent.  That means if Texas offers him arbitration and he instead signs
elsewhere, the club will get a sandwich pick between the first and second
rounds of next June’s draft as compensation. 
Had he been a Type A, Texas
would have been entitled to the same compensatory pick plus the signing club’s
first-rounder (if in the latter half of that round) or second-rounder (if in
the upper half).


One way to
look at this is that there should now be more teams willing to consider a
multi-year offer to Bradley (if they’re comfortable with the health risks to do
so), since Type B’s cost a team none of their own draft picks.


For what it’s
worth, though speculation toward the end of the season was that Bradley was going
to be right on the line between Type A and Type B classification, it turns out
he had the third-highest Type B ranking, and his formula-generated calculation was
closer to the 10th Type B slot than to the first.


Also, Jamey
Wright evidently narrowly missed Type B classification, which means there will be
no draft pick compensation if the Rangers offer him arbitration and he signs
with someone else. 


Blalock is a Type B but that’s likely irrelevant, as Texas is expected to pick up his $6.2
million option for 2009 in the next week or so. 
Ramon Vazquez and Jason Jennings are no-compensation free agents, just
like Wright, as is Eddie Guardado, so if the Rangers are inclined to bring
Guardado back, they wouldn’t forfeit a draft pick to do so.


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