2009 Bound Edition of the Newberg Report.


I’m now taking preorders for the 2009 Bound Edition of the Newberg Report, my tenth annual book on the Texas Rangers.  It’s approximately 300 pages commemorating the 2008 season, which launched with high hopes inspired by the acquisition of Josh Hamilton, the return to the franchise of Nolan Ryan, and the recognition of a farm system that had risen in one year from one of baseball’s worst to one of its best and was poised to start supplying the big club with the first of several waves of high-end talent.  A second straight poor April was followed by a strong middle of the season and then a disappointing finish, but underlying it all was a spectacular season by dozens of young players, both on the farm and as big league rookies, that give this organization as much promise as it’s had in many, many years.

The 2009 Bound Edition not only looks back on 2008 but also serves as a primer on what you can expect from this organization for years to come.  Nowhere can you find more information and analysis on the players that the Rangers are developing as future members of the major league team and, in some scenarios, as ammunition to trade for veterans brought in to join the core of the club.

Nearly 900 of you on this mailing list are past customers of the Bound Edition, but for those of you who are relatively new to the Newberg Report, here is what you can expect from the book:


The book picks up right where the 2008 Bound Edition left off, taking you from October 3, 2007 to October 8, 2008 and containing every report I wrote in that span.  It’s the most thorough chronicle you’ll find of the twists and turns that the 2008 season took, and of the implications of the personnel moves that highlighted it.  Not just a complete record of the Rangers’ 2008 season, the book includes a feature section comprised of more than 50 pages of new material that won’t ever appear on the website or in any e-mail deliveries.  Included in that section are rankings and analysis of more than 70 Rangers prospects, broken down by position.

The “Poised” rankings of the 10 minor league position players and 10 minor league pitchers that I’m predicting breakout years for in 2009 are back, as is the annual “40-Man Roster Conundrum” chapter, in which I look at the roster decisions facing the organization this winter plus an explanation of how the Rule 5 Draft works, and also the popular Transactions Hornbook, giving you one place to go to learn, in great detail, how baseball’s rules work, with sections on waivers, options, outright assignments, arbitration, the amateur draft, and a bunch more.  

The Bound Edition contains complete 2008 statistics for every player who appeared with the Rangers’ big league club, all six minor league affiliates, and the Dominican Summer League squad, plus full details on the Rangers’ 2008 draft and a chronological rundown of every transaction Texas made in 2008.

The forewords for this 10th anniversary volume come from Nolan Ryan and Jeff Zimmerman, both of whom were part of the story here when the Newberg Report was born more than 10 years ago.

The glossy front and back covers once again feature action shots – taken by some of the best photographers in the business – of some of the Rangers’ top prospects, perfect for autographs.  The front cover also includes photos of the players who headlined the Rangers’ farm system in each of the first nine years of the Bound Edition.  The cover design was once again masterminded by the great Marty Yawnick of Type A Design.

The book itself is full of player photos as well.


As always, the 2009 Bound Edition is $25.

Because I have to front the costs, if you plan to buy copies of the book I would appreciate it if you’re able to send payment now.

If you pay for your order by November 15, I will waive the standard $2-per-book shipping charges.  Accordingly, the book will cost you only $23 if you pay by November 15, either by (1) check or money order, or (2) credit card through http://www.PayPal.com .  Since sales of the book have increased each year, it’s easier on me if I know early roughly how many to have the printer generate for the first run.  The books should be ready for delivery on or before December 10 at the latest, in time to help you not only stock your own reference shelf or coffee table but also fill Christmas and Chanukah lists for your friends and family.  

I know the $2 discount isn’t much, but I don’t have much of a margin to deal with.

As we’ve done the past several years, we’ll have a book release party, and I’m pleased to report that Jeff Zimmerman (Canada) and Derek Holland (Arizona) have committed to fly into town for the event, to sign autographs and shake hands and do a Q&A with us.  Details soon on the location, and the date (December 10 or 11, most likely).

I also have all the previous editions of the Bound Edition for sale.  The price breakdown is as follows:

2009 Bound Edition – $25 (but $23 if you pay by November 15)
2008 Bound Edition – $20
2007 Bound Edition – $15
2006 Bound Edition – $15
2005 Bound Edition – $15
2004 Bound Edition – $15
2003 Bound Edition – $15
2002 Bound Edition – $15
2001 Bound Edition – $15
1999/2000 Bound Edition – $10


1. Again, if you pay by November 15, the price of the 2009 Bound Edition is reduced from $25 to $23.

2. A gift set of all ten Bound Editions is available for $125, which is a $35 discount.


For those who are in a position to pay now, I’d appreciate it.  You can order by credit card through PayPal (more on that in a moment) or you can send a check or money order in whatever amount your order comes to, payable to “Jamey Newberg,” at:

Jamey Newberg
Vincent & Moyé, P.C.
2001 Bryan Street, Suite 2000
Dallas, TX 75201
In addition to your check or money order, please make sure I have your mailing address, and specify how many of each book you want.

Ordering by credit card through PayPal is very easy.  Just go to http://www.paypal.com, select the “Send money” option, and type in gjsneaker@sbcglobal.net where it asks for the e-mail account (and again, make sure you identify exactly what years of the Bound Edition you want, so I know what to ship to you).

If PayPal is new to you, signing up is extremely user-friendly, costs you nothing, and is completely secure. Go to https://www.paypal.com/refer/pal=gjsneaker%40sbcglobal.net and follow the simple instructions.

For inventory and printing purposes, I would appreciate it if you would let me know how many copies of the books you plan to order, whether you’re sending payment to me immediately or not.


I want you to know how much I appreciate the level of support you all have given me in every phase of the Newberg Report.  Your support in the form of buying the Bound Edition is a concrete way to sustain it.  If you have questions about the book, please ask.

Again, here’s the drill:

1. Let me know what you plan to order, even if tentatively (please do this whether you are taking advantage of the early discount or instead plan to pay later on).

2. Pay by credit card at http://www.PayPal.com, sending it to the gjsneaker@sbcglobal.net account.

3. Or send payment by check or money order to:

Jamey Newberg
Vincent & Moyé, P.C.
2001 Bryan Street, Suite
Dallas, TX 75201


Thanks again for your continued support of the Newberg Report.

Jamey Newberg



I ordered the 2009 Newberg Report through paypal a few moments ago. My email address is actingup88@hotmail.com and my paypal account is listed under gennacat. I just wanted to make certain to receive the book—Hanukkah present!

The address is Nancy Eneman
215 Sidney St.
Longview, TX 75602-1913

Again, for the 2009 Newberg Report.

Nancy, it shipped yesterday (Dec. 15). Thanks.

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