Yesterday, Baseball America executive editor Jim Callis tackled a ranking of the best lefthander/righthander prospect duos in baseball in the online “Ask BA” column.  He came up with a top 10 — making it clear that he was considering only one pair per organization:

1. David Price/Wade Davis, Rays

2. Derek Holland/Neftali Feliz, Rangers

3. Brett Anderson/Trevor Cahill, Athletics

4. Brian Matusz/Chris Tillman, Orioles

5. Madison Bumgarner/Tim Alderson, Giants

6. Cole Rohrbough/Tommy Hanson, Braves

7. Ross Detwiler/Jordan Zimmermann, Nationals

8. Sean West/Ryan Tucker, Marlins

9. Franklin Morales/Jhoulys Chacin, Rockies

10. Casey Crosby/Rick Porcello, Tigers

Yeah, but are you ready?

I asked Callis this afternoon how different his list might have looked had he considered more than one tandem per club.  Our exchange, paraphrased, went like this:

JDN: If Perez and Main were also considered, would they have fallen in your top 10 L/R duos?

JC: It’s funny, I was talking about that with someone else, too.  Perez and Main might have made the list, yes.  You could also say that Kiker and Beavan might make a top 15.  And I love Robbie Ross, too.

JDN: You enough of a fan of Font or Neil Ramirez or Hurley or Boscan to pair one of them up with Ross in that sort of hypothetical?

JC: I’d probably say Ramirez out of that group, obviously a lot more projection with the younger guys.  But yeah, you could say Texas could have four combos if we went 20 deep.  

JDN: Nice.

JC: Their pitching depth is pretty silly.

You can read more from Jamey Newberg at

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