Another fascinating Josh Hamilton story.

With just
over two hours to go, the two prevailing bids for the autographed copies of
Josh Hamilton’s autobiography, “Beyond Belief,” are each for $600.  If you are still interested in bidding more, please
email me at before 5:00.


I also want
to direct your attention to a really well-done account of Hamilton’s fascinating pre-addiction life.  Parts
of it are especially chilling, given what we know now about what he went
through not long after the four-part St.
Petersburg Times
series (three written by Anne Hull during and following his
1999 rookie season and one – eerily – written by Marc Topkin as an epilogue of
sorts – but a prologue in another way of looking at it – three days before
the infamous truck accident in which he and his parents were involved during
spring training 2001), and all of it, I suspect, will give you a greater
appreciation for the life that Michael Main and Manuel Pina and Justin Smoak
and Shane Funk and Bill Richardson and dozens of others like them live, and have


Think what
you want about life in the lower minor leagues – I bet this series will change
your perspective.  It’s really, really
well crafted, and the fact that it happens to have been written about Josh Hamilton
before he’d faced any real adversity in his life obviously gives it another couple
layers of wow.


You can
find all four parts (which happen to also have a ton of childhood and teenaged photos
of Hamilton) at
this link:


But beware:
It’s going to command a good half-hour of your time, if not more.  Well worth it, in my opinion.


Again, two
hours to go in the bidding for the two signed books.  Thanks.





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