Coaching interviews underway.

Coaching interview update, piecing together multiple local reports:

Perry Hill interviewed for the infield instructor position (and probably a base coach assignment) yesterday.

Jackie Moore interviews for the bench coach post today.

Rick Peterson interviews for the pitching coach post tomorrow.

John McLaren interviews for the bench coach post tomorrow, though he also has experience as a bullpen coach and third-base coach as well.

Dave Wallace interviews for the pitching coach post on Monday (though one report out of Seattle suggests the Mariners declined the Rangers’ request to talk to him).

Andy Hawkins is the leading candidate for bullpen coach, reportedly.  But Brad Fischer will apparently get an interview at some point, too.

Jon Daniels has reportedly asked Milwaukee for permission to interview Mike Maddux for the pitching coach opening but the Brewers haven’t granted it yet.

Marcel Lachemann remains a possibility as a pitching coach candidate.  There’s also a report that his brother Rene Lachemann is a potential bench coach candidate, and Ken Macha might be as well.  Ron Romanick is apparently a longshot pitching coach candidate.

According to one report, when asked whether Rangers minor league pitching coordinator Rick Adair would be a pitching coach candidate, Nolan Ryan said he likes having Adair right where he is, overseeing the development of the organization’s deep crop of pitching prospects.  It’s a crucial position.

Ideally, Daniels would like to have the staff in place by sometime next week.

One local reporter, responding to a fan email, said: “[Vicente] Padilla is considered far and away the hardest worker on the pitching staff.  Seriously.  He retired that trophy.”

Nothing official yet, but speculation is that Jamey Wright will have a Type B classification, which would mean that if Texas offers him arbitration and he instead signs elsewhere, the Rangers would get a compensatory June draft pick between rounds one and two.

Still no word on whether Milton Bradley will be a Type A (which would net two picks) or Type B.

I think I wrote a couple weeks ago that Texas will draft 13th in next year’s first round.  We’ll actually get pushed down to the 14th selection, since Washington will get slot 9A for failing to sign first-rounder Aaron Crow this year.

According to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated, one scout said Hank Blalock was “the best hitter I saw in the second half.”  

Chad Tracy is writing an Arizona Fall League blog (and taking fan questions) at

Spotted on Baseball America’s 2008 All-Independent Leagues Team: first-team DH Carl Everett, second-team first baseman Phillip Hawke, and second-team starting pitcher Joel Kirsten.

Righthander Joselo Diaz, first baseman Chris Shelton, infielder Ryan Roberts, and outfielder Jason Ellison are minor league free agents.  

San Diego righthander Bryan Corey took minor league free agency as well.  

Florida released righthander Marc LaMacchia.

Imagine if Tampa Bay still had Josh Hamilton.

Speaking of Hamilton, the high bids for the two free copies of his book “Beyond Belief” are currently $500 and $300, and there is a *chance* that we’ll be able to get those two books autographed by Hamilton.  Since I know from lots of your emails that you’d enter the bidding if the books were signed, I’m going to move the bidding deadline back.  Instead of tomorrow at 5 p.m., we’ll move the deadline to some time next week, and of course once I have confirmation on the autograph situation, I’ll let you know.

You can submit your bids by emailing me, and can monitor the bidding status here.

You can read more from Jamey Newberg at

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