Bound Edition announcement.


This year’s Bound Edition of the Newberg Report will be the
10th edition of the book, and to commemorate the anniversary, the
two forewords for this year’s book come from the greatest Texas Ranger, Nolan Ryan, and the player who, in a
way, was the impetus for the late ’90s birth of the Newberg Minor League
Report, Jeff Zimmerman. 


I couldn’t be more honored.


Pre-sales for the book will kick off late this month.


The Book Release Party will be on Thursday evening, December 11 (the final day of the Winter Meetings,
as well as Eleanor Czajka’s birthday), at a site to be determined.  We’re working on location now.  We hope to have food and drinks like in past
years, and we’ll also collect Toys for Tots for the holidays as we’ve always


We’re planning on having the party at a larger venue than we’ve
had before, because among the guests who will appear to sign books and visit
with us will be Zimmerman, who is coming in from Canada to do this . . . and Derek
Holland, whose meteoric rise to elite prospecthood doesn’t register on the
unlikeliness scale quite as high as Zimmerman’s, but it’s up there.


I’m betting we’ll have more than Zimmerman and Holland in attendance
(last year we had Chris Davis, Taylor Teagarden, Doug Mathis, German Duran, and
Johnny Whittleman), but for now those two are the confirmed guests.


Admission will be free. 
The “cost” for getting player autographs will be a 2009 Bound Edition,
which you will be able to buy in advance or at the event. 


More details as they develop.







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