Bidding on Josh Hamilton's new book.

Hundreds of
you responded last week when I asked for suggestions on what to do with the
free copies of Josh Hamilton’s new book, “Beyond Belief,” that the publisher
sent me to distribute to the Newberg Report community.  There were a lot of really good suggestions,
but the one I liked the most – which came from at least 10 of you – was to put
the books up for bidding, with 100% of the winning bids going to a charity of
Josh’s choice.


So that’s
what we’ll do.  I have two books to put
up for bid, and will close the bidding at 5 p.m. this Friday (Oct. 17).  Simply email your bid(s) to me between now
and then.  I’m not going to send out
constant emails updating the high bid amounts, but have started a thread on the
Newberg Report message board so you can see whether your bid is in the top two
at any given time (in case you want to up your bid).  (I will post the bids anonymously – just amounts,
not names.)  The message board thread is


I apologize
if this method knocks some of you who were interested in the books out of the
running, but there was no perfectly equitable way to do this, and of course you
can always go to your local bookstore or and buy a copy, as the book
was released publicly yesterday.


Once the
two winning bids are determined, I’ll have you send payment directly to the
Rangers or to me (I’d be happy to submit them to the Rangers together).  I suspect checks would be made out to the
Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation and earmarked for Josh Hamilton’s charity of
choice, but between now and Friday I’ll found out for sure how to go about
doing that.


When and if
you are prepared to bid, just respond to this email.


Thanks for
your excellent suggestions.





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